Yahoo nickname

Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Nov 14 04:17:25 EST 2007

On Mon, 12 Nov 2007 18:36:18 -0000, ZC wrote
> Hi,
> Thanks for your reply. I have tried the Local alias and it is set to 
> Garry in the Yahoo config on pidgin, however my other pc which has 
> the latest version of Yahoo Messenger show just the Yahoo ID.
> Any other ideas ?
> Regards,
> Garry

The local alias is only shown to you locally, it's definitely not what you're
looking for.

I think you have to like, configure an alternate ID by logging in through using your Yahoo! account.  Once that is done you can active the ID
by going to the accounts menu, selecting your account, and choosing "Activate ID."

Or are you talking about some other kind of nickname?


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