Pidgin running without window in WinXP

Daniel Atallah daniel.atallah at
Fri Nov 23 13:42:15 EST 2007

On Nov 23, 2007 12:40 PM, David.R.Gilson <david at> wrote:

> If I execute the Pidgin .exe file, it loads and is visible in Task
> Manager. Although there is no taskbar entry or system tray. Furthermore,
> the process cannot be killed, which prevents any other instances from
> running. I tried to kill the process with the Windows app Process
> Explorer, although this couldn't kill it either and when I tried to
> bring Pidgin to the front, Process Explorer reported that the
> application had no window.

I can't think of a good reason that you wouldn't be able to kill the process
with Process Explorer unless it was running  as another user.

I have tried running the debug version of Pidgin although no RTP file
> was created (since I guess as far as Pidgin was concerned nothing was
> wrong, which suggests a GTK problem).

You wouldn't get a crash report file unless it was actually crashing (in
which case, there wouldn't be  a running process).

> I also have the Windows version of GIMP installed, incase this caused a
> conflict I also installed the latest version of GIMP (2.4) so that I
> would get the most upto date GTK runtime, although that hasn't changed
> my Pidgin problem.

I doubt that is a related issue.

What I would suggest is to obtain a debug log by following the instructions
at to run from the command
line and redirect the output to a file.  Hopefully this will provide some
useful clues.

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