MySpaceIM Buddy List Problems

Jim Spath jspath at
Thu Nov 29 10:40:25 EST 2007

MSIM seems to be causing problems with my buddy list.  Specifically, it 
disrupts the ordering of groups and MSIM buddies don't "stick" when I 
add them to contacts.

Every morning when I come into work and start Pidgin, I resort my groups 
  and move a particular MSIM buddy into a contact.  If I close Pidgin 
and start it again, I have to repeat this process.

Another way I can get it to occur is:
Start pidgin, resort groups and move MSIM buddy into contact.  Disable 
my MSIM account, then re enable it.  When the MSIM account is re 
enabled, the groups revert to the wrong order and the MSIM buddy is no 
longer in the contact.

Is this a bug or is there something I can do about it?

- Jim

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