Disabling UPnP in Windows Pidgin 2.3.0

davidski-pg at deadheaven.com davidski-pg at deadheaven.com
Thu Nov 29 10:54:59 EST 2007

Daniel Atallah wrote:
> On Nov 29, 2007 10:06 AM, <davidski-pg at deadheaven.com> wrote:
> 	Are there any existing or planned facilities to disable UPnP support
> 	in the Windows Pidgin port?  An old Gaim ticket to provide a config
> 	option for this seems to have gone stale.  The only way I've found
> 	to eliminate this unnecessary service has been to block it at the
> host firewall level. 
> Feel free to file an enhancement request at
> http://developer.pidgin.im/simpleticket 

Thanks, Daniel.  Based on the Gaim ticket, I wasn't sure if there was a
history on this issue.  Ticket 4157 has been created at


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