Pidgin won't start (completely)

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Wed Sep 19 19:30:52 EDT 2007

Hello there people!

I am new to this list - and new to Pidgin. I have had some experience with
IMs, Computers and Unix in the past, but this is a problem I can't quite
get, as it seems to be a router-problem. What I don't get is that Google
didn't come up with anything useful (to me) and I'd have thought that I'm
not the first to encounter this.

First of all, I'm using Pidgin with a rather exotic combination: FreeBSD
(as seen in the header) running on a Sun U60. Because the binary packages
for sparc64 are always out of date, I compiled it (2.2.0) myself using the
ports. Here are the options I used:

 [X] SILC       Secure Internet Live Conferencing support
 [X] GNUTLS     GNUTLS encryption support
 [X] NSS        Mozilla NSS encryption support
 [X] SASL       Cyrus SASL support (for jabberd)
 [X] DBUS       Enable DBUS bindings
 [X] PERL       Perl scripting
 [X] BONJOUR    Enable mDNS support
 [ ] SAMETIME   Enable Sametime client support
 [ ] TCLTK      Tcl/Tk scripting
 [X] GTKSPELL   Spell checking support
 [X] GSTREAMER  Use GStreamer for playing sounds
 [X] CAP        Enable Contact Availability Prediction plugin

After a while [ a few hours :-) ] the computer was done.

Starting Pidgin from KDE resulted in it being shown in the task bar at the
bottom for about 20 seconds and after that it just disappears. It could
however still be found with "ps ax". So I decided to start it from the
console. It started and kept running, just no window ever appeared for it.
ctrl-c did terminate it.

Since that didn't get me anywhere, I started Pidgin with the -d option.
The last three lines you get to see are these (I cut out the time):

nat-pmp: found a default gateway
nat-pmp: Attempting to retrieve the public ip address for the
   NAT device at:
nat-pmp:     Timeout: 0s 250000us

Pidgin can still be terminated using ctrl-c. Since I didn't want to
bombard the list with the log, I put it here:

I inserted the line after the ctrl-c.

My router is an AVM Fritz! Box Fon 5012. I have not opened any ports for
any IM (yet) - at least not for this machine.

Can someone help me out here? Is this a known problem?


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