[Question #41050]: MSN always comes up with a connection error

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Sun Aug 3 04:19:32 EDT 2008

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Unfortunately, I'm out of ideas. Just to be sure, you are running a
recent version of Pidgin, right?

The port used for authenticating to MSN is not blocked, but it's
possible the ports actually used by MSN to operate are (your firewall is
probably blocking all ports except those specifically allowed). It seems
likely that while Kopete was set to tunnel all its traffic to your
proxy, Pidgin doesn't share the same settings.

You'd need to go into the Advanced tab of your MSN account settings
within Pidgin and set your proxy. I'm not too sure of what settings
you'd use, though, that's very dependant on your local network.

If you're running NTLMAPS on your own machine, and haven't changed the
default settings, try this:

Proxy Type: HTTP
Port: 1048
I have no idea what would be the username and password, hopefully you do.

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