Pidgin Psychic Mode is not working

funnyjunk funnyjunk2000 at
Fri Aug 8 00:05:15 EDT 2008

People are using AIM to message me and it does not show up.  I have even
tested this with other aim accounts of my own, added the pidgin screenname
to the aim buddy list and vice versa, and it still doesn't work.  I made
sure that in the AIM privacy settings to allow other person to see that I am
typing a response.

I know you mentioned the other im clients, but why is Pidgin not picking up
AIM conversations before they happen when it worked successfully just once

Not sure what's wrong here.  Thanks again for your help.

John Bailey-2 wrote:
> funnyjunk wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> First post here.  Just switched over to pidgin and psychic mode is not
>> working for me.  It worked once fine, then it just never worked again.  I
>> reinstalled to no avail.
>> Can anyone provide any help?  Thanks so much!
> If the people messaging you are using libpurple-based clients like Pidgin
> and
> Finch (and for most common protocols, Adium), then the psychic mode plugin
> won't
> work because we don't send typing notifications over the wire until a
> conversation has been established.  A boatload of the official clients,
> however,
> do send typing notifications before the establishment of a conversation.
> John
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