Trying to find a way not to show the details popup

Victor Bendig victorbendig at
Fri Aug 8 17:24:06 EDT 2008

Hi guys,

Is there a way of not showing the details pop up that shows up every time I
move my mouse on top of a contact or group?

I have looked over the faq and Internet but have not had any luck there.

This pop up is really annoying me when I am trying to browse the contacts,
since it is so big that blocks a good amount of the pidgin window.

When I, for example, open a group to search for a contact this pop up
appears, so I constantly need to move the mouse out of the pidgin window,
so that this popup go away, since it blocks the contacts aliases.  I have
been trying with the preferences but non of them makes it go away.

I am referring to the yellow box that displays the name, account, nickname,
status, hasyou, and blocked info.

Thanks in advanced for your help and for the great product you are

Victor Bendig
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