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Thanks... Yes this is for Microsoft Office Communicator.  I already have several other protocols set-up and working great for a few years.  Now my company is migrating from Jabber to MS Office Communicator and not looking forward to working without the many advantages of pidgin.  Any plans to add Office Communicator to the list of supported protocols soon?

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Farrington, Ken (ADM - Americas Region, Pfizer) schrieb:
> Is there an option to add Communicator into the tool?
Can you be a little bit more specific?
What exactly do you want to do?

If you want to add a new account to Pidgin, go to "Accounts -> Manage ->
Add" and select MSN or MySpaceIM from the list of protocols. Then enter
your username and password for the specific service.

If you speak of the "Microsoft Office Communicator", then I think this
protocol is not yet implemented in Pidgin and so the answer would be
"no, there is no option to add it in the tool, unless someone implements
that protocol".

If you don't have an account for the specific service yet, you need to
register one, via the webpage or the original client.


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