Migrating XMPP servers

PETER.SHARMAN at oracle.com PETER.SHARMAN at oracle.com
Thu Aug 21 14:05:23 EDT 2008

In Pidgin 2.3.1, I was able to run two separate connections to XMPP servers provided they were on different ports. We need to do this because we are moving - slowly - from one server to another.  Currently some of the people I want to chat to are on the old server, and others are on the new one.  The username and domain are the same on both servers, but the connect port and connect server are different.


That seemed to break in Pidgin 2.4.x, where you could only have one connection enabled.  I upgraded yesterday to Pidgin 2.5.0 and it was still not possible.  While fiddling with this, I actually got it to work temporarily by changing the domain name to mixed case on one connection, and lower case on the other.  But after I restarted my laptop this morning (after upgrade to XP SP 3), I found the two connections had somehow merged - the connection that had worked for the old server now included information on the new server (and hence could not connect since it still had the old port), while the new connection for the new server (the one that had used mixed case) had disappeared altogether.  If I try to create a new account now with the mixed case settings (new server's connect port and connect server), it simply fails again like it did before yesterday.  You get a message "Unable to save new account.  An account already exists with the specified criteria".


Is there any way I can get this to work like it did it 2.3.1 (two connections to two separate servers), or am I screwed until we have completed the migration?






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