ru-yo spellchecking problem

Vadim V. Balashoff balashof at
Sat Aug 23 10:54:27 EDT 2008


  On Fedora Core 8 and pidgin-2.4.x russian spellchecking works well. I've simply change information in file /usr/lib/aspell-0.60/ru.multi from ru-ye.rws to ru-yo.rws (I need EXACTLY ru-yo only dictionary). And this works well.
 I've upgrade to Fedora Core 9 and install pidgin-2.5.0. And there is a trouble with it. I've change information in file ru.multi, but nothing is changed.
 Even more, I've found out that is hunspell-ru package that do spellchecking. After I've remove hunspell-ru from system, pidgin is not highlight nothing.
 Could someone help me?


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