Yahoo connection over SOCKS

Valentin Manea valentin.manea at
Fri Aug 29 03:50:27 EDT 2008


   I'm having some difficulties connecting to Yahoo with Pidgin
versions newer than 2.1. My setup is quite strange:
My employer provides 2 proxies:
1 HTTP I cannot use it for connecting to yahoo no matter what(I've
tried all ports the server supports)
2 A socks proxy that allows only port 5050 tunneling(don't ask why :-)
), HTTP does not work

Anyways, I was looking in the debug window of newer version and the
reason I cannot connect is that Pidgin has to download an XML from a
Yahoo server with the contact list over HTTP and if it fails then the
whole connection fails. Is there any configuration option that allows
me to bypass this or do I have to recompile the whole thing?
I'm asking this because version 2.1 has some strange bugs and crashes
from time to time...


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