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Currently the encryption plugin (and the OTR plugin) are excellent and allow assymetric encryption for key exchange.

Both these require that the other party is logged in for sending encrypted messages.

Is it possible to add a small feature that does the following. I am guessing this should very simply to add given that the current encryption does far beyond this : 

- Let A and B be the parties
- Assume A and B have already talked using the plugin once before

- Now B is offline and A wants to send a message to B with encryption
- The plugin now uses the previously used Assymetric key pair AND SYMMETRIC key pair for encryption. (Perhaps use of Assymetric key pair is not needed and directly the last negotiated symmetric key is used), and sends A's message to B
- Next time B logs in, he sees A's message already decrypted (or prompted for) with the last used keys

- THIS IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO SEND MESSAGES WHILE THE OTHER PARTY IS OFFLINE AND WOULD BE FANTASTIC FEATURE ADDITION. I know there is pounce and offline emulation - but these don't really work unless A is also logged in. Let's say A wants to send an encrypted message to B and A does not plan to log in, then these emulation methods won't work. 

- I have done an exhaustive search and could not find anything reliable that does this while also supporting the assymetric (RSA) that pigdin encryption or OTR do. SO THIS SIMPLE FEATURE WILL BEAT ALL OTHER IM ENCRYPTORS !

Thanks a billion,
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