What is the Issue with Pidgen?

Kevin Stange kstange at pidgin.im
Mon Jun 9 13:42:53 EDT 2008

David Balazic wrote:
> Richard Laager wrote:
>> On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 08:11 -0700, Ryan Battles wrote:
>>> Also, is there a removal tool to fully remove Pidgen? I tried
>>> uninstalling and re-installing however I picks up my old accounts.
>> Uninstalling Microsoft Word shouldn't delete all your Word documents,
>> should it? Pidgin's uninstaller behaves fine here. If you want your
>> settings (and logs!) deleted, then do so yourself. Their location is
>> covered in the FAQ.
> Putting an "Also remove settings" option into the unistaller would
> solve the problem easily.

If a user wants to remove his or her settings, there's only a ".purple" 
directory to delete in the user's App Data folder.  If there were 
settings scattered throughout the registry or different locations on the 
filesystem, I might see a valid argument, but in general I don't think 
it's wise to automatically remove settings, or anything the installer 
didn't create, even optionally.


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