we page translation

Iwo Hencz iwua at wp.pl
Tue Jun 10 05:54:47 EDT 2008

I like Your program, using it, and I would like to help You.
I am not a programist.
But I know a little English, and I may help You for example translating 
Your website http://pidgin.im/about/ to Polish.
I know that many people do not like using programs if their official web 
pages do not works in Polish.
You will put in the corner small window which let to choose language.
What do You think guys? Any other ideas how to help?
Iwo Hencz.

p.s. thanks for Gadu-gadu.

Bądź niegrzeczny, wrr.
Zasiądź do stołu gier i poczuj dreszczyk emocji! 
Nikomu nie powiemy;)

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