Running Pidgin on a VMware Linux Client

Wouter van Reeven wouter at
Wed Jun 18 13:35:09 EDT 2008

Dear Pidgin team,

Thanks so much for your great software! I use it a lot from my Linux machine at
home. As of lately I have tried to use it from a Linux client running on VMware
on a Windows XP host. I have disabled my firewall for all vmnet network
interfaces, but for some reason I cannot connect to any server (MSN, Google
Talk, ICQ). When I run

pidgin -d --display=$DISPLAY

eventually I see

(19:45:24) Session Management: ICE initialized.
(19:45:24) Session Management: Connecting with no previous ID
(19:45:24) Session Management: Handling new ICE connection... 
(19:45:24) done.
(19:45:24) Session Management: Connected to manager (GnomeSM) with client ID 11c0a80003000121381112400000031280004
(19:45:24) Session Management: Using pidgin as command
(19:45:25) dbus: Need to register an object with the dbus subsystem. (If you are not a developer, please ignore this message.)
(19:45:25) dbus: The signal "gtkblist-unhiding" caused some dbus error. (If you are not a developer, please ignore this message.)
(19:45:25) account: Network not connected; skipping reconnect
(19:45:25) Session Management: Received first save_yourself
(19:45:25) Session Management: Received save_complete

Apparently Pidgin detects that it cannot connect and gives up. Do you guys have
any idea how to configure either XP or VMware so Pidgin may start working?

By the way, I tried running the Windows Pidgin client but it crashes :-(

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Greets, Wouter van Reeven


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