[Question #37150]: Annoying Popup Information on mouse-overs

Richard Laager question37150 at answers.launchpad.net
Mon Jun 23 17:19:08 EDT 2008

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Richard Laager proposed the following answer:
There's no UI-exposed option for this. There's an undocumented, hidden
pref for this because of a particularly annoying bug on Windows. If that
bug were to be fixed, that hidden option would disappear. If you want to
use it, set the tooltip_delay option to 0 in your ~/.purple/prefs.xml
file. You should make a backup first and if you break it, don't blame me
or expect help fixing it.

If you want this functionality exposed in the UI, you'd have to explain
why there should be an option. Keep in mind that tooltips exist all over
Ubuntu in numerous applications. Why are the Pidgin ones problematic but
other tooltips are not? What are you trying to do that is blocked or
made more difficult by the tooltip?

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