find quick name issue

Pavel Skovajsa pavel.skovajsa at
Fri Jun 27 07:44:10 EDT 2008

Hello guys,

I have Pidgin 2.4.2 and I seem to have an GTK issue that affects my
'buddy list search with keyboard' function. Here is what happens:
I pull up the Buddy List and say I want to look for 'Joe' in the buddy
list. So I start typing word "Joe", and a small window pops up into
which I am suppose to type letters. However what I see is only one
letter "J" and and long as I type anything none of the letter are
popping up in the small window. It looks like everything freezes for 3
seconds and I cannot click anywhere in Pidgin. After 3 seconds the
small window disappears and I am free to click around.


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