Accept messages from known contacts only

Steve Swift Swifty at
Fri May 9 06:17:35 EDT 2008

Does Pidgin have an option to accept inbound messages only from people in my
Buddy List? If so, I haven't managed to find it.


Ideally, I'd like such a feature to be available on individual accounts.
One of my accounts (Meanwhile) applies only to work colleagues (i.e.
everyone in IBM). At the moment I'm suffering with depression, and while I
don't want random work colleagues contacting me, I'd be happy to talk with
people I know well enough to have added them to my buddy list. In an ideal
world I would be able to flag individual buddy entries as "Do not allow
messages when in 'Buddy list only' mode" - some of my known contacts are not
always welcome!


I run a similar filter in my email - if the originator is not in my
contacts, then their mail goes in "Probable Spam".


Steve Swift


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