Re: Characters such as "ö" or "ü" in status description crash Pidgin

Adam sn8kbordin at
Sat May 10 14:50:56 EDT 2008

When I enter those characters by myself it doesn't crash.
Also when MusicTracker enters them, it crashes Pidgin. And then makes Pidgin
forget all IM account settings and forces me to set up everything again.
I found that by editing ACCOUNTS.XML file to remove just those characters
from statuses it makes Pidgin work fine again with all my IM accounts like
they were set before.


2008/5/9 Ethan Blanton <elb at>:

> Adam spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > Characters like "ü" in status crash Pidgin. I noticed that when
> MusicTracker
> > was changing my status and put in Motley Crüe in the status.
> > Can it be fixed?
> Does this crash when you enter such a string yourself?  I am aware of
> no such bugs.
> The MusicTracker plugin is known to be buggy in *many* ways -- I
> suspect this is a bug in the plugin, not in Pidgin.
> Ethan
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