Old smiley theme (from before v.2.1.sth)?

Lee Roach phroggster at gmail.com
Sat May 10 21:55:54 EDT 2008

I neglected to reply all, so here it is for the record.

2008/5/10 Emil Kastberg <ekr_id at yahoo.dk>:

> Hello Pidgin Community, glad this mailing list exists. I've been looking
> far and wide for a way to use the old smiley theme from before
> v.2.1.something because I simply can't stand the new theme, to be more
> precise the one as of v 2.3.1 (I switched BACK to v.2.0.2 because I found it
> so unappealing - and didn't find myself being bothered by security errors).
> So yeah, now I'm asking here. Can I download and install the old theme just
> like the other extra themes? If so, where from?
> Regards, Emil K.

Just copy the old smileys over to ~/.purple/smileys/<folder> or follow any
of the other methods at [1]. Edit the theme file and rename it to something
other than "Default". (re)start pidgin, and select your theme in the prefs

I didn't bother to check, but I'm sure a Google or two will find you a
usable tarball of the theme. If that's the case, you can just drag and drop
the tarball onto the smiley prefs page.

[1] http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/SmileyThemes


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