typing Korean in Pidgin

Hosun Yoo hosun.yoo at gmail.com
Fri May 23 10:49:38 EDT 2008


Yesterday, I started to use Pidgin (2.4.2 on Windows), and I found that the
last character does not appear in input box when I type in Korean.
So, I have to press space or enter extra characters.

It looks like it is a known problem or there is a similar one (according to
Sean Egan's blog).

Sean mentioned that there is a workaround which requires to edit gtkrc file.

"Thankfully, GTK+ makes it possible to configure it to anything. See our
example gtkrc file to see how to configure keybindings"

But, the link of example file is not working.

I would appreciate it if someone sends me the file or give me suggestion to
solve this issue.

Thank you!

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