can not turn OFF Message Notification plugin

Bart Zalewski bart.zalewski at
Mon Sep 8 12:24:14 EDT 2008

I've been having this irritation for a while now (multiple releases back
when I first turned the plugin on) and have just now decided to ask to see
if anyone can help me out.
I can not seem to get the Message Notification plugin to turn off.  I've
disabled the plugin (and every suboption of it) in the UI and I've also gone
through the prefs.xml and tried all sorts of things but I can't seem to find
the right flag to turn this off.

I'm running version 2.5.1 on windows2k3.

I can't leave my buddy list window open anymore without getting annoying
taskbar flashing for new email notifications way too often.

I am just about to the point of deleting/archiving all of my profile
settings and starting a fresh install/profile from scratch - seems pretty
overkill to me to be the only way to disable an option.

Any suggestions?

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