Windows version of pidgin 2.5.0 is not receiving messages. XMPP.

David Michal dvd.mchl at
Wed Sep 10 11:54:03 EDT 2008

> XMPP is working fine for the vast majority it is something local to 
> you and your setup.
It can be true, but it can be some bug in pidgin as well. I don't know at
the moment. As I don't see any problem on my setup, which doesn't mean there
is no one, I just don't know.

> Again, which plugins are you using?
History 2.5.1
Release Notification 2.5.1

> Also could you send an output of the debug windows when this is 
> happening?
(16:49:37) jabber: Sending (ssl): <message type='chat' id='purple574be640'
to='jabworld at'><x
(16:49:37) jabber: Recv (ssl)(140): <message
from='jabworld at' to='dvd.mchl at'
id='9'><body>2008-09-10 16:49:37.553000</body></message>

I have sent message "time" to bot, it replied, but the message didn't go
through to the chat window.

> Regards
> Phil Hannent

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