MSN Issues are Affecting Software Credibility

Phil Hannent phil at
Thu Sep 11 04:32:07 EDT 2008

Tomas Gutierrez wrote:
> First, there is the constant disconnect issue. When one is lucky
> enough to connect to the MSN servers, the connection bounces
> periodically (about once every 10 minutes). The only way to connect is
> to use the HTTP method, otherwise the system won't even connect. This
> has been brought up as support tickets, and I also found mention of
> this in the support email archive. For example, ticket 6136, or
> (,
For the vast majority MSN is working just fine.  Personally I use it 24/7 
without issues.  That being said, clearly you and others are having some issues 
which from the error messages reported indicates a network problem and not a 
problem with Pidgin itself.

In both 6136 and 6776 a proxy is being used.  Pidgins proxy support has long 
been lacking as most if not all developers are not behind proxies and cannot 
test against the variety of proxies that are in use.

I would also say that developers are looking at your issue since in 6776 one of 
the developers posted something no less than 12 days ago.  Certain bugs can be 
hard to track down if only a minority are experiencing the issue.

I would suggest you capture the debug window around the time of the 
disconnection to help trace the common cause, creating a ticket that might end 
up as a duplicate might help diagnose the situation.

Phil Hannent

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