Windows Live Messenger contacts showing as online even though they are offline

Pepijn Schmitz pidgin at
Fri Sep 19 05:37:05 EDT 2008

Ah, yes, I should have clarified that. I thought it would be implicit in
my remarks about mobile phones icons, about this behaviour changing in
version 2.5.0 and about Pidgin showing them as "online", not showing
them period....

I already have "show offline buddies" turned off, but Pidgin
nevertheless shows some offline MSN contacts in my contact list, and
shows them as online and available, with the green icon and everything.
I have verified with Windows Live Messenger that they really are
offline, and they don't appear to be receiving my messages. The common
factor seems to be that all these contacts have a mobile phone icon next
to their buddy icon in Pidgin.

This is confusing and annoying, can I change this behaviour, or is it a bug?

Kind regards,
Pepijn Schmitz

Phil Hannent wrote:
> Pepijn Schmitz wrote:
>> Is there some way I can tell Pidgin not to show these contacts? Is it a bug?
> From the buddy list you can toggle this by "Buddies" menu -> "Show" -> "Offline
> buddies"
>> And a related question: is there a description somewhere about the
>> different icons that can be shown and what they mean?
> No, however I believe some people are working on a document for new users.
> Regards
> Phil Hannent
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