new, frequent disconnection to yim / no auto reconnect :-|

Geoffrey Lane freeballer at
Sun Sep 21 22:46:01 EDT 2008

First off I dun know what you consider fatal error, but considering this is
a new issue (within days) and the acc worked flawless since I think this is
either protocol or yim changes. I keep getting "error (0), logging into
website may fix" and it says need to re-enable account.
I've already done this, recreated account and even my entire .purple
directory... Nothing is working..... Is this related to yim service/protocol
changes or a known problem with pidgin? I have no other problems with other
services/games/etc during time, no failed wireless, disconnections, etc...
Running windows vista, latest sp and latest version of pidgin

Another thing, I think the reconnect should be set in preferences as was
before.. Maybee "reconnect attempt" and "attempt reconnect on fatal"
checkboxes, timeframe and retry count for either. If someone's already made
a plugin please share


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