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ok - next problem - pidgin  2.5.1 - I type a name, to allow pidgin to look 
up the first match, as I have always done in the past; but only the first 
character shows up in the search buffer and no useful name is found.  What 
am I doing wrong?  Same problem when ctrl-F for a find.

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Re: help on sounds

2008/9/24  <Bob.Nix at>:
> I cannot turn off the pidgen sounds.  Please help.
> I work in a cube area; the sounds are not well tolerated.
> I seem to get a steam of bongs, swishes, and ohter noises from Pidgen.
> In Tools, "Mute Sounds" is checked.
> In Preferences / Sounds, the only item checked on the entire page is
> "message received" and I am not receiving any messages.
> How do I turn off all the sounds?

The way to disable sounds is with the "Mute Sounds" checkbox in

If that is already checked, are you sure that these sounds are
actually coming from Pidgin?


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