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Thu Apr 9 09:39:24 EDT 2009

Skiormas Antanas Pabedinskas spake unto us the following wisdom:
>  I know, I red, that you don't support all interfaces that someone
> asks as that would be impossible. But the Skype... It's really very
> very (almost extremely) popular (at least I think so). Why couldn't we
> have this plug-in in the Pigin? 

Because Skype has seen fit to saddle their client with legal probems.

The Skype protocol itself is heavily encrypted, and there is no known
reverse engineering.  (Someone is bound to post some "reverse
engineering" links as a response to this, but trust me, they're not
usable protocol information -- it's just stuff like traffic patterns.)
Skype provides an external interface to their own client, but they
saddle the developer API with terms of use which are unacceptable to
Free software projects, and specifically incompatible with the GPL.

>  I like very much the minimalistic view of Pigin and hate new Skype
> look.... :) And the main reason is of course - few chats where I do
> have my account (i.e. ICQ) - it would be great for me to have this
> Pigin and both protocols (skype and ICQ) spported in it...

Talk to Skype about it.


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