Copy/Paste not working with Pidgin as source

Paul Kyzivat pkyzivat at
Fri Apr 17 13:54:17 EDT 2009

I'm running v2.5.5, WXP 5.1, MS Outlook 2003 SP3.

I'm no longer able to Copy text from Pidgin and paste it elsewhere.
The copy seems to work, but when attempting to paste, the popup gives no 
option to paste - I think the clipboard is empty. Yet I can still copy 
from Pidgin into Pidgin.

I poked around and found some other talk on this subject, and it seemed 
that other programs playing with the clipboard might cause difficulty. 
So I tried shutting things down to see if that would help.

When I shut down Outlook the problem went away. So there must be some 
interference between the two.

This didn't always happen. I think it must have started happening when I 
upgraded to Pidgin 2.5.5 a couple of weeks ago.

Its not especially convenient to shut down outlook to paste from Pidgin, 
but at least its a work around when I need it.

	Paul Kyzivat

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