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Bonjour doesn't use servers. It's a serverless protocol that is designed
to be used in a LAN, so talking to external users via Bonjour will
probably not be feasible. (You could let them connect to your network
via VPN to make Bonjour possible, but I think this might be too

As you want external users to connect to your server as well, I
recommend Jabber/XMPP. Letting external users connect to your server is
possible of course, but you need to make shure that your server is
reachable from outside your LAN. This means that you might need a port
forwarding (if you're behind a NAT) and maybe a DynDNS domain name.

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thanks for the reply.
If I run a server (Jabber XMPP or Bonjour) on a machine, would it be possible to create accounts for external users i.e. people not on the local LAN to connect to the server through the internet. In other words, I am trying to get people working at a different office location to be on the messenger as well. But the server shoudl use the LAN where applicable.

thanks for your help

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You can either run a Jabber/XMPP server (e. g. ejabberd) on a machine in
your LAN or use the serverless Bonjour protocol.

Using Bonjour might be useful if you have some Macintosh computers in
your network that already use it or if your network is rather small.

If your network is rather huge, I'd recommend running a Jabber/XMPP

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Is it possible to use Pidgin on a local LAN network, for e.g. in an office. If so,  how would one create an account (username/password) for a user ?



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