Get IP of XMPP Buddy

Paul Aurich paul at
Wed Apr 22 19:41:39 EDT 2009

And Nikolaus Rath spoke on 04/22/2009 02:03 PM, saying:
> Is there some way to get the IP of an (online) XMPP buddy? Both are
> using Pidgin.

My favorite method is this:

OUT: <message type='chat' to='my.friend at'><body>Hey,
what's your IP address? Run `ifconfig` (`ipconfig /all` on Windows) to

IN: <message type='chat' from='my.friend at'
to='paul at'><body></body></message>

In all seriousness though, IPs are (possibly) disclosed when doing file
transfers or other peer-to-peer activities (i.e. Voice/Video when Pidgin
supports it), but that's about it.


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