Win one pack with 30 designs for t-shirts for free!

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Thu Apr 23 16:14:52 EDT 2009

Good morning!  
We are sending our e-mail marketing campaigns because we think that our products  
can be useful for you and your business.  
We noticed that still for some reason you didn't decide to buy one of ours  
products. Therefore we would like to offer one graphBOX gratuitously for your 
choice, For you have a better evaluation of our products.  
Our company, creates designs ready-made/editable for t-shirts 
and sells  in economical packages with the name of graphBOX.   
The graphBOX is a pack that comes with 30 designs for t-shirts royalte-free ready-made 
to  be used.  Each design is formed by a variety of vectors, giving you unlimited freedom 
to work with the vectors by changing the elements, colors and texts to create a myriad 
of other exclusive designs. 
If you wish to win one of our graphBOXes with 30 designs for free, please reply 
us this e-mail with the subject "giftBOX" that we will send you a new e-mail with 
a special code to you get the download on our website.
If you wish to stop receiving our e-mail marketing, please reply us this e-mail with 
the subject "Remove"
Thanks for your attention,
Raphael Falcao
Sales Manager
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