hi i cannot activate my account on pidgin 2.6.2

Brian Morrison bdm at fenrir.org.uk
Tue Dec 1 11:30:29 EST 2009

Ethan Blanton wrote:
> at 2009-12-01T13:10+0200, Steven Godfrey (Retail) wrote:
>> Please help me
> You're going to need to provide some actual information to get help.
> You can't activate *what* account?
> If Pidgin is something provided to you by your IT department (as I'm
> guessing by your giant multipart email with gratuitous attached
> images), you should probably talk to them, not us.

It's a problem with the MXit plugin, so perhaps someone from their
organisation can help the OP.

I don't have the links to their support forum to hand.



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