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> This seems to be the only support mechanism I can find for Pidgin

This is indeed a Pidgin support mechanism, it's a public mailing list
and the people that come and help here are volunteers, some of whom
wrote Pidgin itself.

> I'm trying to delete autosaved statuses by doing what it says in the 
> help guide and hovering overing over the status line and hitting 
> delete.   It doesn't work!    Does anyone know a version that works 
> properly or which company is responsible for this software?

Well, you could tell us which version you're using, which would help,
and which OS you're running it on.

If you select the saved statuses the a window opens that will allow you
to delect any status that is not in use.

If you don't feel that Pidgin works properly then you can create a bug
ticket by visiting the web site and following the
'Development' link from the home page.

Pidgin is a colloborative open source project, there is no company
responsible for it, it is written by people in their spare time and is
free in both the beer and speech senses.


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