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Wed Dec 9 14:42:15 EST 2009

Dear Pidgin Developers,

I was recently installed Pidgin 2.6.4, and I almost able to make a voice
chat earlier this day, and I made a successful call as well, but I did
something, -- which I really don't know what, -- and now the voice does
not send or receive, but establishes the connection, and the video chat
totally fails as never creates the connection. I'm uncertain what is
required to be set, but I know, that if I disable the video/audio
configurator plugin, then this case is even worse, as it is fails even
earlier. Setting this plugin will only crashes Pidgin. (plugin v. 2.6.4)
And finally the voice pops for approx 0.1 second, but the volume display
for the incoming voice appears to be 100% as the outgoing volume meters
indicate 0%.
I'm using openSUSE 11.2 and using a Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000, and v4l
is installed, and I'm using PulseAudio on top of ALSA as the default
audio handler.
I'm attaching a debug file that is containing an almost successful voice
chat, (meaning, that the other person replied with text chat, that the
person recived the voice chet request, accepted it, but does not hear a
thing) and two video chat that is waited forever, with the "Calling..."
message, but never proceeded. (Separated with initial logs.)

Hoping for reply,
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