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Programmer In Training pit at
Wed Dec 9 22:46:47 EST 2009

Eric Bernier wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your rapid answer.  The computer I want to reinstall is now on
> Ubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron (April 2008) and I don't find anything in my
> "personnal folder" or the files you tell me...  Sorry.  I want to reinstall
> the same Ubuntu.  I maybe tried to don't give enough informations for you to
> help me.  Sorry.

Are you using Windows or Ubuntu right now? The directions I gave tell 
you where .purple is on Windows XP. If you cannot find some of the 
folders I'm telling you about, you need to unhide all system folders on 
Windows, or search for the file and folder names I gave you.

> Here's why I want to reinstall Ubuntu:
> I have Ubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron - April 2008 on a Pentium III (Coppermine)
> with 512 megs (502,4) of memory, much space available on my HDD (24,3
> gigabites) and everything was going fine until the October updates that I
> did.  Since that my computer is REALLY slow.

Has no bearing on backing up Pidgin on any platform.

> I found where to see the "History of updates" but I wonder if I can remove
> these updates to get back my speed?
> If I can and I do it, so I'll never be able to do any further updates to be
> sure to don't get back into that slow speed?
> I've made research to finaly end at the Ubuntu Forums at
> but I understand nothing...

Again, has no bearing on backing up and restoring certain Pidgin files. 
I'm sorry your computer is slow, but you'll need to take that up in a 
Linux User Group or Windows User Group mailing list.

> So, for me that look easyer to reinstall everything.  I found by myself how
> to do backup for everything except for Pidgin.

I told you how to do it on XP. Should be the same for any NT based 
Windows version.

> I'm now still with a really slow computer with Ubuntu 8.04 and I want to
> reinstall everything because I don't understand the way I can find what I
> could do...
> That's why I want to be able to do a complete pidgin backup.  Kind of copy
> files from my actual Ubuntu and to past them after I reinstaled Ubuntu.
> Thanks again for your help!
> Eric

Again, you running (or wanting to run, I'm not sure where you are at on 
that, nor do I care (not to be crass, but I'm trying to help you with 
Pidgin)) Ubuntu or not is not relevant to this list. I'm trying to be 
patient and helpful, but I think there is a language barrier preventing 

I gave you a list of the files you'll need, I gave you the directory 
path to where those files should be on any install of Windows XP (or 
really any NT based Windows OS). Perhaps someone running Vista, Win95-ME 
(God forbid) and NT 4.0 (God forbid that too) can help you with those 
particular versions of Windows, I cannot.



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