How the buddy list is updated and a bud in facebook chat plugin

W.H. Kalpa Pathum callkalpa at
Tue Dec 22 02:14:13 EST 2009

How does Pidgin update it's buddy list? Does it connect with a server
to retrieve the contact list in defined time intervals?

There are some bugs in the facebook chat plugin. Firstly it doesn't
synchronize with the online buddies in facebook. It doesn't resolve
the buddy name instead it shows some numbers. Further it opens
seperate chat windows for every message sent or received. So that it
has become a little annoyed and I hardly use that plugin.

Version :
Pidgin 2.6.4-2.fc12 in Fedora 12
purple-facebookchat.i686 0:1.63-1.fc12

It would be much better if Pidgin can use GNOME keyring or some other
secure way to store the passwords other than plain text. Yeah it would
be hard to use GNOME keyring as Pidgin is a multi platform IM client.
But it's always better to have a better security.

Due to these reasons I now actually use meebo the web based IM client.

But I've used Pidgin as my default IM client for years and I still
love it. It's sad to notice that Fedora 12 has dropped Pidgin as the
default IM client. Anyway hope that pidgin will develop further and
dominate among the IM clients as before. Then I'll also be willing to
shift to Pidgin again.

Thanks in advance.

Best of luck for Pidgin

W.H.Kalpa Pathum

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