Paul Aurich darkrain42 at
Thu Dec 31 00:16:55 EST 2009

And Larry Ostroff spoke on 12/29/2009 06:25 AM, saying:
> Love your product, but have a question...
> Does it support SMS messages yet?
> I use Yahoo IM and text messaging and also have an AIM account, and
> often use Digsby as my 'all in one' application because of it support of
> off line / SMS messaging.
> I do, however, like your front end more, and was wondering if / when you
> will be supporting SMS.
> Many thanks.
> Larry

Yes, SMS is supported, via the mechanisms in a number of the protocols.
AIM has supported SMS messages (sending IMs to "+1" + ten-digit phone
number).  Yahoo has supported something similar +<countrycode><phone
number> (maybe that's the same? Not sure) since Pidgin 2.6.0.


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