help with resetting preferences

Phil Hannent phil at
Fri Jan 2 01:43:00 EST 2009

michelle pozsonyi wrote:
> Hey, I tried to alter my theme on pidgin tonight and I think I really messed it 
> up.... The font and everything is still messed up, as in altered. I would like 
> to totally reset it to its default settings the way it comes when you first 
> download it. I downloaded it 3x, and reinstalled it 3x and still get the same 
> settings.
> Is there anyway at all to reset it??
Re-installing Pidgin will not affect any settings, the settings are held
in a file under your home folder.  If you are on windows right click on
the start button and select "Explore", then navigate to the "Application
Data" folder, then open the ".purple" folder.  In there you will find a
file called prefs.xml I suggest you rename that (while Pidgin is closed)
and then restart it.  You will loose all your preferences so be warned.

Phil Hannent

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