2 Annoyances

John Bailey rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org
Sun Jan 4 16:52:08 EST 2009

John Moore 3rd wrote:
> Pidgin boots.  From My personal logs I noticed this behavior /after/
> installing the Skype Plug-In.  I can ameliorate this Start-Up hassle if
> I remember to Open Skype _before_ Opening Pidgin.    Because I use both
> Google Talk with My Gmail Account & with a Google Apps Domain I have
> resigned Myself to the 'Certificate Acceptance' confusion.  :-\

We maintain that the Skype plugin is a violation of our license.  It is our
opinion that no one should use this plugin.  We will not support it or any
consequences arising from its use.

> Major Annoyance:  accounts.xml suffers a lobotomy several times a year.  :(
> Has anyone ascertained what causes this data loss?

The root of the problem is that invalid XML data makes its way into
accounts.xml.  We've done pretty much everything we can to mitigate this.

The best suggestion I have to avoid this issue is to maintain proper backups.  A
simple logon script can maintain an adequate backup of this file, or you could
go a bit overboard and write a script that maintains a multi-tier backup.


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