Cannot get my boss' name to show

Evan Platt evan at
Tue Jan 6 14:10:46 EST 2009

At 10:59 AM 1/6/2009, you wrote:
>I have two computer systems - one at work and one at home.  At work, 
>the OS is WinXP and on that version of Pidgin, I can see my boss and 
>he can see me.

What version of Pidgin at work? What version of Pidgin at home?

>  On my work computer at home, the OS is Win2K and with the pidgin 
> loaded on it - I can see everyone else EXCEPT my boss and his name 
> is flagged as 'unauthorized'.

What protocol? Sounds ICQ or Yahoo - or any of the protocols that 
require authorization. My INITIAL suggestion (I could be wrong) is 
that for some reason Pidgin didn't see the accepting of the buddy 
request. Try resending it (delete him then re-add him as a buddy).

>I sent an email regarding this subject some time back and no one contacted me.

I don't see any other posts from you - at least in my archives which 
granted only go back to November 2007...

>   Please do so this time.

This is mainly a group of fellow users. You aren't paying for 
support. You aren't 'entitled' to support. Perhaps asking nicely, 
rather than stating it like you are entitled or DEMANDING support.

>My boss is pushing for resolution on this issue.

Sounds like your boss has unrealistic expectations.. Using a free 
software and demanding things from it? Wow. 

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