Finch does not restore cursor + a fix

Dave Wood dave at
Tue Jan 6 16:50:16 EST 2009

On (21:35 06/01/09), Dave Wood <dave at> put forth the proposition:
>On (21:21 06/01/09), Dave Wood <dave at> put forth the proposition:
>>I noticed this problem a few days ago and also noticed with one of my own
>>programs. When exiting Finch the cursor is not restored to the termcap
>>I use a flashing block cursor because my eyesight isn't so great but finch
>>always resets it to underline at exit. I managed to fix my own curses code
>>so I thought you might like to have a look:
>>int main ( void )
>>      // ncurses start
>>      initscr();
>>      cbreak();
>>      noecho();
>>      nonl();
>>      intrflush(stdscr, FALSE);
>>      keypad(stdscr, TRUE);
>>      clear();
>>      curs_set(0);
>>      //main loop
>>	 <snip>
>>      // exiting
>>      curs_set(1);
>>      cout<<cursor_visible; // < -- restore cursor to terminfo setting
>>      refresh();
>>      endwin();
>>      cout<<clear_screen; // <-- need this to restore colour
>>      return 0;
>>I haven't tried this in the finch code yet. I will do so now and see if I 
>>have any luck.
>Well I probably should have looked at the finch source first. No idea what
>you are using instead of cout.

And you will need to #include "term.h" in there for cursor_visible and

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