Own Protocols for Pidgin

Ben Bridts ben at bridts.be
Thu Jan 8 11:35:26 EST 2009

Andreas Gräber | PZKA.de wrote:
> Hi there.
> I'm new on developing for the pidgin client. I'm interested in 
> developing an own
> protocol/plugin to "connect" my Webcommunity to Pidgin (like Facebook etc.).
> Are there any existing tutorials about this topic, or where is the best 
> start for
> reading :) (except the api ;)).

Since pidgin is a client and you'll seem to be willing to build a server, I think you'll beter take
a look at xmpp (xmpp.org).
If you do not want to set up a server but you want to write a plug-in (a purple), you'll may want to
specify the protocol you want to connect to.


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