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Good afternoon.

> I'm having a problem getting my Pidgin to work properly and nobody I talk to seems to be able to help.  I use both pidgin and pidgin portable.  They both work perfectly fine (pidgin on desktop of laptop, portable on external drive) EXCEPT when I'm at work, which is the one place I need it to work the most.  When I try to connect, I get an error message that Pidgin has timed out trying to connect to the server.  It seems like it must just be some minor configuration issue, but I can't seem to figure it out.  There are 4 different port options, so if that's the issue, what do I change, what do I leave the same?  If it's a firewall issue, I'm currently using the suggested port #'s for Norton, but I don't know what Firewall my place of employment may use, and I'm not going to can speculate  So please offer some alternatives.  I'd take this to a computer shop but the problem only occurs when at work, so that won't do any good.  Thank you VERY, VERY much for y
our help!
I assume that you are using windows since you are using Norton Firewall.

Which protocol are you trying to use?
Which port settings did Norton suggest?
Are there any proxies being used?

If you are behind a company firewall and the PC has a firewall this would be
helpful to know.  Also does Norton still have the option to permit not just
ports but also applications as a whole?

I remember from years ago that Norton installs a network layer to filter
traffic, this has been the bane of some support in the past.  Often turning off
the Firewall would have no effect since the layer was still installed.

Look at the debug window on the help menu, this will give more detailed
information as to why it is failing.

Phil Hannent

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