Evan Platt evan at
Sun Jan 11 13:04:24 EST 2009

What version of pidgin? What operating system?

What if you hit control-A from the main window?

Was this a new installation? Upgrade?

At 09:59 AM 1/11/2009, you wrote:
>I just downloaded Pidgin so as to converse with family
>But when I click on buddies the only things that are useable are;
>View log
>Buddies list
>  It won't let me add anyone or look for anyone.
>I also don't seem to stay on line
><mailto:mason.shelagh at>mason.shelagh at
><mailto:shelagh.mason at>shelagh.mason at
>  When I enable ,my e-mail stays black (no colour)and the tick goes away,
>Please tell me what to do. Thank you Shelagh Mason

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