How do I set Pidgin to receive offline messages?

Evan Platt evan at
Sun Jan 11 14:47:29 EST 2009

At 10:31 AM 1/11/2009, you wrote:
>People keep sending me offline messages via my subscriptions, but I 
>don't seem to be getting them.  How can I make sure I receive the same?
>I could not find this in the HELP or FAQs.  It seems some offline 
>problems in the developers section are listed, so I don't know if 
>that means this feature is currently problematic.
>I'm sure this is an easy questions, I just could not find the answer.

"offline messages via my subscriptions"... Huh?

Very few protocols support offline messages. Which protocol are you 
using? And what do you mean by 'via my subscriptions"?

Generally once you log back on, all offline messages are delivered. 

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