Certifications and Accreditations

John Moore 3rd jmoore3rd at Gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 23:17:02 EST 2009

Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Daniel Atallah spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> 2009/1/16  <ed.carrales at l-3com.com>:
>>> What if any Certifications and Accreditations exist for Pidgin?
>> Pidgin has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Law from University
>> of Oxford.

> Which just goes to show you what a waste lawyers are.

The Basic & Primary Cert/Cred should be simply it is Licensed under the
GNU OpenSource License.  The License is short, available in easy to read
fonts and simply states that You may redistribute /anything/ as long as
One is willing to provide Your Source Code.  Every/Anyone who would
communicate over any Application where the 'underlying mechanics' of
how/what is happening to My keystrokes is an abject idiot in My Humble
Opinion.  Folks who 'Digsby' are probably not in My immediate
communication spectrum.  :-\

JOHN 8-)
Timestamp: Friday 16 Jan 2009, 23:16  --500 (Eastern Standard Time)

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