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Ben Bridts ben at
Sun Jan 18 12:57:12 EST 2009

Donna Guarnieri wrote:
> My children set up my password for pidgin.  I now want to have pidgin on a new computer and can't get it to work because I don't know the password to use it on that computer.  I can still work pidgin on the old computer but want to quit using that one.  Can you help me to set up a new password or to find out the old one so that I can use my account on the new computer.  Thanks.  Donna@ donnamsf at
You can copy all your settings by copying the .purple folder (see

Or you could look in that same folder at the accounts.xml file. Your password is saved in clear text
between the <password>-tag. If your password contains a &...; (eg. < or &) you should replace
this with an other character. see


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