getting rid of an unwanted, unsolicited buddy

Evan Platt evan at
Thu Jan 22 16:27:34 EST 2009

Is this in ICQ? I had that problem - I had to quit Pidgin, load the 
official ICQ client, remove him from the buddy list, quit ICQ, I then 
reloaded the ICQ official client (to make sure he was gone), then 
quit ICQ, then reopened Pidgin.

There are some AIM "Buddies" that are bots that I'm not sure if you 
can remove, but there's about a dozen of those, not just one.

At 01:23 PM 1/22/2009, you wrote:
>I have a buddy that suddenly showed up on my buddy list and I can't 
>get rid of it.  It looks like some type of spam, advertising a web 
>site.  I've tried removing it, then blocking it when it showed back 
>up, then removing it again and it won't go away.  Every time I log 
>in, it pops up again.  It's extremely annoying.  Is there some way I 
>can permanently remove this idiot and stop him from coming back?

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